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At Gasworks we visit customers for multiple boiler repair jobs who are adamant on keeping the ‘trusty’ old boiler going (despite us fixing it for the 8th time!).  The attachment to an old boiler and lack of understanding on what a new boiler can bring them often leads to diminishing returns financially, when the smarter option was to make the investment in a new boiler.

We feel it’s worth highlighting some questions that come up around putting the installation of a new boiler off head on!


On average, for a 3 bed house, a boiler install will cost between £2000 – £3000. This includes the boiler itself, the installation work and the pipework.

A brand new boiler, will be more energy efficient and over the years, will save you money on your energy bills.  We find that in most cases, people overlook this fact and concentrate on the initial outlay of the spend of the new boiler and fail to recognise they will be saving money in the medium – long term.

My old boiler will work fine now we have fixed it a few times

Newer, modern boilers are designed to be much more robust, efficient and reliable, so you can have more assurance that you will have heating and hot water when you need it. If there are any issues, parts for newer boilers are very readily available, whereas for older boilers, they become harder to source, leading to delays and inefficiencies as the older boiler becomes a ‘hotch potch’ job of old and new parts.

In addition, a newly installed boiler that hasn’t been fixed 8 times already is safer and less likely to cause any concerns of CO2 emissions.

I’ll need to relocate the boiler

We are experts and not only installing a new boiler, but identifying alternative relocations and installing it tidily in its new spot with minimal disruption.  Newer boilers are usually more smaller than previous generation boilers and importantly – they are less noisy too allowing you more flexibility as to where to house the it.

Thinking of a new Boiler?
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