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Gasworks are a highly rated local boiler repair, installation and maintenance company, based in Poet’s Corner in Acton. Led by Dave Halpin, who has over 30 years’ experience repairing, maintaining and installing boilers and central heating systems

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We work throughout ChiswickTurnham GreenGrove Park and the wider areas of London and offer a truly personal service, where nothing is too much trouble for our central heating engineers.

Whatever your concern about your heating system, you can always call on us. Whether your current boiler is constantly breaking down, you are looking to save money on your heating system, or you need an annual boiler service, you can rely on Gasworks. 

Our Gas Safe engineers have vast experience working with and expert knowledge regarding all types of boiler systems, including combi boilers, conventional boilers and system boilers from leading brands, such as ValliantWorcesterBaxi and 


Boiler Maintenance in Chiswick

We can help you with a range of services, including:-


You won’t have to worry about staying in all day to wait for our engineers. We’ll give you a one or two-hour time slot that fits in with your schedule.  Check our prices.


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Are you looking to have a new or replacement boiler in your home or commercial property? Gasworks can advise you on the right type of boiler for your needs and fit one in super-quick time.

CASE STUDY: An Immediately Dangerous Boiler Situation in Chiswick

Work Required – Back Boiler Servicing

In April 2019, we were called to service a back boiler a Chiswick property as it hadn’t been completed for many years. The boiler was situated behind a gas fire and as an open fluid appliance, it worked by taking its oxygen from the room it was in. There were a lot of pictures sitting on top of the unit, so we removed them, only to find dark marks had stained the adjacent wall.

These findings were a concern for our team. Marks on a surface caused by a gas appliance (especially an open fluid one) are potentially a big problem. Therefore, it was important we assessed the situation further and acted quickly.

The Results – Rectifying an Immediately Dangerous Situation

In this case, the issue faced was highly dangerous. The boiler was producing worrying levels of carbon monoxide, so our team acted fast to find out what was happening with the appliance. We checked the flue with a smoke match and found it wasn’t pulling the products of combustion properly, causing gases to enter the room.

Therefore, to rectify the problem, we capped the appliance and issued documentation for the Immediately Dangerous situation. This is the procedure which should be followed by a heating engineer to gain the responsible person’s approval (i.e. the customer’s) to make the situation safe. A situation classified as ‘Immediately Dangerous’ is one in which there is an immediate danger to life or the property if the appliance is left to operate as it is. If we hadn’t discovered what was happening, our customer could have been in grave danger of being overcome by fumes.

Power flush in Chiswick

Our power flushing service offers a way of cleaning your radiators and heating system, removing rust, sludge and other grime, which builds up over time. This will lead to a more reliable system, improved energy efficiency, reduced chance of breakdown and it will increase the lifespan of the system.

power flush machine

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