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Summer is coming which means the central heating will be switched off and people generally forget about their boilers and central heating until they have to switch it on again in mid-September.  Gasworks strongly advise the following in the summer months to keep your boiler and central heating in tip top shape and avoid any mishaps come the Autumn:-

Summer Boiler Service

The summer is the optimal time to have your essential annual boiler service. The service will ensure it is turned on, thoroughly cleaned inside and any potential issues will be identified and resolved. Think about it logically, if this is all done in the summer, you are giving yourself the best chance to have zero issues when you will need the heating the most later in the year.  When autumn arrives, we start getting incredibly busy, being called out to emergency situations, boilers not firing up, radiators not working and so forth.  All of this could have been avoided with a timely summer annual boiler service and by thinking proactively and not reactively. On that note….

Be proactive!

As well as booking your summer boiler service, it is recommended to turn your heating on once a month.  This will help prevent the parts from seizing up and making the system realise it still needs to work and function. 15 mins is ample and will let the pump and diverter valve know they still have a job to do.

If you still have an older boiler that has a pilot light, it is worth switching it off to prevent the boiler burning gas when possible, however – a newer boiler usually has a standby mode. Combi boilers will usually have a summer/winter setting, which can be set accordingly. Lastly, systems with a thermostat can be turned right down with just the water set to come on.  Don’t switch off with your heating in the summer!

New Boiler?

If you have made the decision to get the boiler replaced, the summer is a great time to do this. Not only are you less likely to need the boiler while it is being, but there will be less demand for our services and our boiler technicians during this period, allowing you to get the replacement completed with minimal wait time. You will know you made the best decision when those winter months come around, always sooner than you think! 


Get your boiler serviced for complete peace of mind

Annual servicing and safety checks are vital to ensure the safe, economical and effective operation of your gas boiler and heating and hot water system.

At Gasworks, our engineers work to a comprehensive boiler servicing checklist, ensuring your annual service is carried out to the highest standards.  Check out our Boiler Installation service.

Boiler care in the summer
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